Inside Look at Vine and Instagram Video as next big thing in TV story telling

Inside Look TV takes a compelling look at Instagram Video and Vine.  Image:  The art of the Kunsthofpassage in Dresden, Germany - By Sigurdas (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsThe “next big thing” in video production may actually be quite “small,” as in Vine’s 6-second looping videos and Instagram’s 15-second video production mobile app tools.  Here, Inside Look TV takes a compelling look at how individuals and corporations can use short Instagram Video and  Vine mobile apps to get a message out in a big way.

While Instagram is new to the video party, its video production features allow anyone with a smart phone the ability to tell a compelling story in 15 seconds and potentially share with Instagram’s 130 million platform users…free.  Wow.  Communicating a message with video is now easier than ever.

So how can corporate marketeers and public relations specialists utilize this easy and affordable video production and communication tool to get their message out to their audience?  Whether you’re producing a 6 second loop on Twitter’s Vine platform, or creating a 15 second Instagram Video, to produce successful video, it all comes down to the story.

While there are rich stories you can tell in six or fifteen seconds, they need careful planning, and the crafting of a shot-by-shot script to create the right message.  There is a great deal someone can say in 15 seconds, which by the way, is a standard length of an acceptable Broadcast TV commercial.  While most TV commercials are produced and aired as 30 second spots, 15 second spots are a cost effective way to communicate a short message or deliver a call to action.

Below are just a few ways these new video and TV production tools can be utilized:

  • Corporations can communicate community engaging messages to promote their efforts to create a better future.
  • Brands can zoom in on the essence of their brand ~ what makes them unique.
  • Non-profits can feature a specific client in need or cause to support via a fundraising invite or compelling call-to-action.
  • Companies can publish dynamic public announcements and/or produce quick videos on benefits of new products/services.

There are a few video techniques to be wary of though.  Does the word “subliminal” messaging come to mind?  While there are limitless ways to use these new social video platforms to convey a message, it seems some are adapting the use of very short (possibly just 1 second long) images on screen.

As we see in the above Gap Vine video, quick cuts are a great editing feature Instagram Video affords the creative when looking to produce his or her video masterpiece.  It’s important to note however, that there is a certain type of video effect which may be considered deceptive, even though it  could be completely unintentional due to the short duration of the the piece.  Why?  You see, it could be considered a deceptive business practice to use imagery in TV commercials that is less than a second long or shorter than (one) 1 frame.  In others words, an image that just flashes on the sceen ultra-quickly, less than 1 second is considered a subliminal.  With any new use of technology, it is important to consider how your video may affect the viewer.  Interestingly, there have been reports of people feeling sick or dizzy after watching some Vine videos due to the ultra-quick pacing of the imagery.  Keeping the tempo of your video in mind when planning your productions will help both esthetically – and as we just explored above, ethically.

In looking at Facebook’s Instagram Video platform, there are some cool built in tools to give the semi-professional or video pro a huge edge in creating a product with exceptional quality.  Plus, there really is a lot that can be done in a 15 second video.  Below is a  news clip on the announcement of Facebook’s Instagram Video:

Tech sites and industry analysts ponder whether Instagram Video will crush Vine – what do you think?  While they are similar, they do have some unique differences that will naturally appeal to different audiences and needs.  Considering that everyone and their grandmother (practically) is a budding TV producer today, we know one thing is for certain, millions of people are going to check out this new method of communicating a message, entertaining their friends, and promoting their product or brand thanks to Twitter’s Vine App and Facebook’s Instagram Video, the next big thing in story telling for TV and the Internet.

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