Creating Evergreen and News Videos for YouTube and the Internet

Olympic Martini by Inside Look TV and The Party Girl Diet

This “Official” Olympic Martini was created in Waikiki, Honolulu Hawaii

Inside Look TV producer Aprilanne Hurley gives you the inside look at the main differences between video content topics that are “evergreen,” and current events topics in the news, with a look at the benefits of producing YouTube videos on each.

While creating videos for the internet around “breaking news” or current trends and “hot topics” in the news such as the Olympics may be helping to feed the “news beast,” investing your time and energy into creating “evergreen” content will create more consistent value…long term.

Evergreen videos on the internet will focus on topics and issues that audiences are always going to search for and be interested in, or topics they want to know more about.  Think about the things that you search for on a day to day basis.  Are you generally looking for videos on the internet that will show you how to make a special dish or recipe, increase your knowledge on a particular topic, or entertain you?  Unless you have some really off the beaten path and far out interests – consider the topics you find interesting to be a good example of the types of topics others may be searching for on YouTube and the internet.

Dynamic and ever-changing, Google Trends will provide you with the inside look at the most current, popular topics and trends people are searching for in the news.

ladybugs mating

While fascinating…the search term “mating rituals of ladybugs” is not a highly searched term on the internet.

So how do you decide on what constitutes great video topics for YouTube videos?  While producing a video for the internet on “mating rituals of ladybugs” may be fun, and with this particular topic – rather fascinating I must say, there is no quantitative search data to indicate the “topic” of “ladybug mating” will generate a lot of traffic to your content.  The secret is, for the best results and enjoyment – select “popular” topics you are passionate about for your videos on the internet.  Also, just as you will want to choose video topics that will get some traction, be careful not to focus your YouTube videos on topics that have so much competition your content will never see the light of day.

Choosing video topics that are evergreen AND in the national news spotlight is an excellent way to go.  Do your research to come up with a list of the topics you see in the national news everyday and determine if there are any that you also have a personal interest in.  For instance, March is National Nutrition Month®.  Being a Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition and author of  The Party Girl Diet - which is all about proper nutrition and exercise, producing content on National “nutrition” month is a good way for me to combine what is happening in the national news with my personal and professional interests.

CASE STUDY:  Now there can be occasions wherein you have an idea to produce YouTube videos or a video on the internet on an event that is happening in the news such as the  example we are using here which was on the 2012 London Olympics.  More specifically, making a customized martini cocktail with an Olympic theme.  We shot on the YouTube video below on my iPhone  - demonstrating how to make an “Official” Olympic Martini.”  Before shooting, we did plan out what ingredients we were going to use.

I am using this video as an example of a YouTube video produced for the internet on a “current” topic (at the time – it was put on YouTube during the 2012 London Olympics) on a specific topic with low search “Olympic martini.”  For the fun of it, search for “olympic martini” and see what kind of results you get.  Do an image search as well.  It is mind blowing to see so many images for “olympic martini” and to think that the current search traffic for the keywords “olympic martini” is 36 searches globally and 28 searches locally.  No, that is not in thousands – at the time I am writing this, less than 70 people are searching for “olympic martini,” which probably did yield a bit higher results during the 2012 London Olympics.  However, at the time of publishing this article, the search volume for the “London Olympics” is 3,350,000 globally and 673,000 locally.

This continued popularity in the London Olympics can translate into a continued interest in all things “London Olympics,” so we’re not throwing in the proverbial (bar ) towel on our “Official” Olympic Martini video just yet.  Regardless of the search traffic and video view counts, Mixologist ZaZu and I were really just looking to have some fun making a specialty cocktail to tie it in with the 2012 London Olympics theme…and we really did have a lot of fun doing it.   Also, if you do “search” for “olympic martini” you will probably find the video below:

The moral of the story is this:  Whenever possible, produce YouTube videos and videos for the internet on topics that are “evergreen,” and popular – but not so popular you’ll “get lost in the sauce,” or so remote only you and a handful of people will search for it.   Also, it helps to have a personal interest in the topic so no mater what kind of traffic you get – you are using the YouTube and internet platforms to get a message out that is uniquely yours.  Finally, keep your expectations real.  There is a lot of content on YouTube and the internet and everything can’t be an “overnight sensation” ….which is another great topic for another time.  So until next time, keep the party going ~ Aprilanne

About the Author:

Aprilanne Hurley is the series creator and producer of California Living - California’s original lifestyle magazine TV now in its 8th season airing on broadcast television featuring California’s trends in food, travel and healthy living.  As the managing partner of Inside Look TV, Hurley has produced scores of TV commercials, web videos, and PSA’s (public service announcements) for clients.  A pioneer in the health entertainment field, Hurley’s healthy living content has been made available in millions of television viewing households.  On the health scene, Aprilanne Hurley is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, and author of The Party Girl Diet – the revolutionary, healthy new diet and lifestyle that lets you “keep the party going…while you lose the weight.”  Contact Aprilanne Hurley @ 415.209.0722.