Secrets to writing TV commercials that get noticed

Inside Look TV SF City LogoOne of the most important elements to writing successful TV commercial copy is boiling down the message to its essence.  Inside Look TV producer Aprilanne Hurley says this is especially important with 30 second TV commercials – when literally every second counts.

You can hire a production company like Inside Look TV to produce TV commercials, use an advertising agency, or produce your own.  In any event, the secret to success when producing TV commercials is all in the planning, to make the most of your production budget and time.

Intended as an introduction to producing TV commercials, check out the following Inside Look TV high level guide to writing scripts for television commercials:

Copy Writing for TV Commercials:  There are many “formulas” to writing TV scripts that get noticed.  When you are looking to promote a product or service in your TV commercial, my all time favorite is the “5 Step Formula:”

1.  Get Their Attention

2.  Keep Their Attention

3.  Create a Problem

4.  Solve the Problem with Your Product or Service

5. Instill Action in Them to Buy your Product or Seek out your Service.

Before you set the above TV commercial formula in motion, it’s important to know who your target audience is – the people who’s attention you want to “get.”  We have a helpful, detailed outline of what goes into the planning when producing TV you can check out on InsideLook.TV here.

Once you know “who” your target audience is, craft a message that will speak to your audience, and then try applying the formula above to create a compelling TV commercial that will get attention – and keep it.

We have many TV commercials which we have produced for clients that we will be happy to share our portfolio of with you if you are interested in our productions services.  In the meantime, we are providing the following TV commercial for Inside Look TV’s television series California Living - now in its 8th season airing on broadcast television as an example of the 5 Step Formula.  You will notice we aim to “get the viewers attention” AND create the “problem” with the question “are you getting the most out of life” right in the beginning of the spot.  Our job then – was to answer “how” watching California Living will give them “more in life.”

What is the product or service you want to write a TV commercial script for?  While the 5 Step Formula can almost be considered a “slam dunk” in terms of effectiveness if done right, I cannot emphasis enough the importance of identifying your target audience in order to craft a message that will speak to your audience, appeal to them, and ultimately drive them to answer or respond to your TV commercial’s “call to action.”

About the Author:

Aprilanne Hurley is the Managing Partner of Inside Look TV, LLC, author, series creator of California Living – California’s original lifestyle magazine show now in its 8th season airing on broadcast television, featuring California’s trends in food, travel and healthy living.  Hurley’s live appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX for her book The Party Girl Diet, focus on helping viewers make healthy lifestyle choices, with demonstrations on easy ways to make nutrition and exercise fun, and an important part of viewers everyday lives.  For more information and to “talk shop” with Aprilanne Hurley directly give her a call @ 415.209.0722.