Size matters when it comes to videos on the internet

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  Inside Look TV producer Aprilanne Hurley shares her insider’s guide to delivering the right size video to the right audience.  With approximately 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute on YouTube, and over 4 billion hours of video being watched each month on YouTube, to say the competition is fierce…is an understatement. # [...]

Creating Evergreen and News Videos for YouTube and the Internet

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Inside Look TV producer Aprilanne Hurley gives you the inside look at the main differences between video content topics that are “evergreen,” and current events topics in the news, with a look at the benefits of producing YouTube videos on each. While creating videos for the internet around “breaking news” or current trends and “hot [...]

Video secrets for Movie Making on the iPhone for YouTube.

TV Producer Aprilanne Hurley & Honolulu Mixologist ZaZu produce a short video on how to make an “Official” Olympic Martini on an iPhone

Get the inside look at exactly what it takes to produce videos on your iPhone, YouTube, or your website with Inside Look TV Producer Aprilanne Hurley.

Considering Executive Producer Aprilanne Hurley was producing videos on the internet before YouTube existed, you can be confidant this inside look at iPhone videos for the internet is the real deal.  This is the first installation in what will be an ongoing topic of exploration you will find on Inside Look TV.

Movie making is fun.  Whether you’re producing a quick video with friends and family, want to express yourself, or promote a special cause, movie making with an iPhone video or smartphone video is a great way to get your videos on the internet.  I especially like the  iPhone feature that allows you to tweet and/or upload a video to YouTube right from your iPhone.

To help you make your iPhone video the best it can be, I am sharing my  top video secrets revolving around video quality which includes lighting, sound, and content.

# 1.  Content is King.  Whether you are producing a short 1 minute video for the web, a 5 minute corporate video, or a longer piece such as a documentary, it is important to boil your movie presentation down to the essence of the message.

Getting right into your topic soon into the beginning of the video or movie is also critical, as your audiences’ attention spans are not getting any longer.  Viewers are bombarded daily with thousands of media options to watch on their iPhone or Smartphone, tablet or iPad, desk top or TV, etc., and if your video does not grab their attention and keep it…they will be clicking off to watch something different.

#2.  Aim for the Best Production Values to include light and sound quality.

If you are not in a controlled production environment such as a studio or sound room, you will have to work around conditions that may be challenging at times.  That is why we chose the short video below to show you as a fun example of a video produced on an iPhone that had a few production challenges, the main challenge being the background noise at the Sunrise Pool Bar at the Modern Honolulu Hotel, which we had no control over.  We overcame this sound quality issue by speaking loudly, and, as the video host, I repeated anything to the viewers that  was being said by Mixologist ZaZu that may not have been heard clearly, to make sure our “message” was being delivered.  The loud sounds of the blender also needed to be “talked over.”  All in all, you get the message – and we had a lot of fun doing it:

A word or two on using natural lighting:  When using natural light, consistency is key.  Shoot your video in all shade or all sunlight.  Also, try to shoot your video either early morning or at the “golden hour” which is an hour or so before the sun sets.  Videos shot under these conditions will produce the most flattering natural lighting, and eliminate the harsh shadows that come with video being shot mid-day with the sun overhead.  Interestingly, overcast days make for great movie making and video lighting quality, as you do not have to fight and workout shadows caused by sunlight.

#3:  iPhone Video Secrets come and go but this one is forever:  Shoot to Edit.

When it comes to shooting video on your iPhone or Smartphone, less is more.  We shot the 1 min 30 sec video above in one complete take.  There are limitations on how long a clip can be to email it , tweet it, or post it to YouTube right from your iPhone, so aim to stay within a minute or so.  This way, like in our example above, you will have an intro, content body, and close to your video – which will add to the professional delivery of your iPhone video.

Bottom line:  Before you even pick up your iPhone or Smartphone to start recording, make sure you have a production plan in place, even for a 1 minute video.  Sure you may not need to figure out the budget on a quick 1 minute video, yet to get the best results, the secret is to know who will be saying what and when.  A story board, which is a physical drawing of what each shot will be and what will be said in each shot, can also be created in addition to the TV or movie script if the project requires this level of detail.  Usually, when you are making short a movie on your phone, the storyboard step is not required.

Most importantly  have fun with your movie making adventures with your iPhone or Smartphone.  Until next time, keep the party going ~ Aprilanne

About the Author:

Aprilanne Hurley is the series creator and producer of California Living - California’s original lifestyle magazine TV now in its 8th season airing on broadcast television featuring California’s trends in food, travel and healthy living.  As the managing partner of Inside Look TV, Hurley has produced scores of TV commercials, web videos, and PSA’s (public service announcements) for clients.  A pioneer in the health entertainment field, Hurley’s healthy living content has been made available in millions of television viewing households.  Aprilanne Hurley is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, and author of The Party Girl Diet – the revolutionary, healthy new diet and lifestyle that lets you “keep the party going…while you lose the weight.”  Contact Aprilanne Hurley @ 415.209.0722.